CBP FY2016 Priority Trade Issue – Textiles

“In FY 2016, trips to 9 countries resulted in visits to 150 factories and a non-compliance rate of approximately 34 percent. Textile Production and Verification Team responsibilities include: – Determining whether a factory manufactured goods, as claimed – Determine if the apparel or textile goods meet the requirements” From:  CBP FY2016 Textile Priority Trade Issue… Read more »

Hurricane Matthew – Miami Office Status – Operations Continue

Hurricane Matthew is currently about 120 miles southeast of Miami as a category 3 hurricane and headed northwest toward the Florida peninsula with maximum sustained winds of up to 140 mph.   Matthew is expected to pick up speed and become a category 4 hurricane as it leaves the Bahamas and approaches the warms waters of… Read more »


A group of organizations involved in the transportation and logistics industry has published a document titled “SOLAS Verified Gross Mass Supplementary Industry FAQs”.     Although this information is quite comprehensive and  helpful, it should be used as a reference and/or for general purposes only. You may access the FAQs through the following links: http://www.ttclub.com/loss-prevention/container-weighing/tt-club-briefings/.  (if you… Read more »