Merchandise Processing Fee and other Customs User Fees Increase

The Merchandise Process Fee (MPF) assessed on formal entries will be increased effective October 1, 2018.  The minimum MPF will be set at $26.22 (currently $25.57) and the maximum at $508.70 (currently $497.99).  The MPF rate will remain at 0.3464%. Other fee increases affecting entry are as follows: Surcharge for manual entry or release: $3.15… Read more »

China Section 301 – Additional Duties for List#2 – Effective August 23, 2018 – Request for Product Exclusion

Tariff sanctions for goods manufactured in China under Section 301 and what is known as List #2  (  ) go into effect on August 23, 2018.  An additional 25% duty will be imposed on the 279 classifications affected and worth approximately $16 billion in import value.   As previously informed, List #1 ( ) affected 818 classifications with… Read more »


Taggart International, Ltd.,  and its wholly-owned subsidiary Customs and Trade Services, Inc. have expanded operations to offer Warehouse and Warehouse Supported Import/Export Consolidation operations in the Midwest.   “We know that offering centrally positioned warehouse, consolidation, and distribution points throughout the Midwest support our clients’ supply chain objectives of balancing transit time with cost.  Coupled with… Read more »

China Section 301 – Additional Proposed Sanctions

The United States Representative (USTR) under instructions from the President, and as a result of China’s failure to change its unfair trading practices in regards to intellectual property and innovation has initiated the process of imposing an additional 10 percent duty on certain goods made in China that are classified in 6,031 Harmonized Tariff Schedule… Read more »

Additional Tariffs Under Section 301 For China

In response to China’s unfair trade practices related to the forced transfer of U.S. technology, intellectual property and innovation, the United States government has imposed an additional 25% duty on certain goods made in China that are valued at approximately $34 billion in annual import value and classified in 816 Harmonized Tariff Schedule numbers (Additional… Read more »