Ongoing negotiations between the United States and China have resulted in the postponement of additional sanctions under Section 301 for certain Chinese products covered by List #3.  Currently, the additional duty rate for the affected goods is 10%, but that rate was scheduled to be increased to 25% as of January 1, 2019. The U.S…. Read more »

Requirements for Importing Regulated Composite Wood Products

U.S. Customs issued a Cargo System Message Service (CSMS) # 18-000727 last week regarding the requirements for regulated composite wood products subject to formaldehyde emission standards.  Effective March 22, 2019 importers will be responsible for providing a Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) import certification for affected articles.  The complete CSMS is shown below. According to… Read more »

China 301 Sanctions – Temporary Halt

After the G20 summit between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jing Ping held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 1st, it was announced that China Sanctions currently in place will remain in effect, however, there will not be any further sanctions imposed on Chinese products for the next 90 days.   The duty increase from 10%… Read more »

Customs Bond Sufficiency and Saturation – Effect of Tariff Sanctions on Customs Bonds

The general rule for calculating a Customs bond amount is 10% of the amount of duties, taxes and fees paid by the importer of record in the previous twelve months.  Because of the significant additional duties imposed on products subject to tariff sanctions, bonds can become saturated pretty quickly these days.  Saturation occurs when the total duties,… Read more »